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Semi Truck Bedding Accessories

Soft, Durable, Comfortable Semi Truck Bed Sheets and Pillows

Estee Bedding Company wants you to get the best night’s sleep when you’re on the road, and that means pairing the best bedding and pillows with your truck mattress! Buying semi truck bedding can be a hard task when looking for sheets that will fit your custom sized mattress. Like our line of mattresses, we provide comfortable and durable bedding for any size of semi truck mattress, including our most popular 42×80 fitted bed sheets! Provide us with your semi truck bed’s dimensions and we’ll provide you with a super-soft and extremely durable microfiber sheet set to fit. Our semi truck bedding has four handy storage pockets to conveniently keep your valuables. Don’t forget a pillow — check out our cozy and just as comfortable pillows. Just because you’re sleeping in the cab of a semi truck doesn’t mean it has to feel like it. Shop our selection of durable and comfortable semi truck bedding and pillows!

Bedding Accessories



Bedding Accessories

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