Made to Ride Mattress

Helping truckers rest easy on the road

You spend more time on the road than you do at home. So you can’t afford to lose sleep on a bad mattress. Get the sleep you deserve with Estee’s Made-to-Ride® truck mattress.

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Hotel Sleeper

Reinventing the hotel sofa bed mattress

Hotel guests deserve a comfortable and clean sofa bed mattress. Now they’ll have one. The Hotel Sleeperzzz mattress repels stains and it offers plenty of support, so people won’t feel the bar frame through the mattress. Also available for rollaway and cots.

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Semi Truck Bedding

Estee Bedding Company out of Chicago, IL, offers high-quality, American-made semi truck bedding and mattresses. Our family-owned company created Made to Ride® and Hotel Sleeperzzz. All Estee Bedding Company mattresses are made to order to improve quality and reduce waste.

Estee Bedding Company is the largest manufacturer of semi truck bedding and mattresses in North America. Our Made to Ride® products are custom made to fit inside the cab of a truck.

The Hotel Sleeperzzz from Estee Bedding Company is popular in the hospitality industry for its great support and stain-resistant materials.

Estee Bedding Company has built a strong reputation, working with leading truck manufacturers and hospitality companies, for supplying high-quality semi truck bedding to Fortune 500 companies. We use ultramodern materials to being you the most value and quality. We always strive to make the best products and to innovate in any way we can.