How to Get the Right Size Truck Mattress

Need a mattress for your truck, but aren’t sure what size to order? That’s one of the most common questions we hear at Estee Bedding. Choosing the right size mattress for your sleeper area doesn’t have to be a headache! Here are some tips for successful sizing.

  1. Check Your Current Mattress
    Are you replacing a worn out mattress? Before you toss it, take a close look to see if it fits your sleeper space well. Some drivers spend years sleeping on mattresses that are too big or little. Your mattress should fit snugly in your berth, without gaps of more than an inch. A mattress that is too small can slide around, causing unsafe conditions. Cramming a larger mattress into a small space isn’t recommended either. It can damage the supportive and cushioning materials inside, resulting in poor performance and bad sleep for you.
  2. Read the Law Label
    If your old mattress fits well in your truck cab, then look for a legal label sewn on to the end of your old mattress. The top of this tag says, “UNDER PENALTY OF LAW, THIS TAG NOT TO BE REMOVED EXCEPT BY CONSUMER.” This label will list all of  the materials in the mattress and also the finished size, including the length, width and height.
    The law label is the easiest way to check your current mattress size. Jot down the details or take a picture of the label. Then, when you shop for a new mattress, you’ll have all the current measurements and materials to help you look at the new products.
  3. Grab a Tape Measure
    If you can’t find a law label, then measure the length, width, and height of your current mattress (assuming that you are happy with its size and fit).
    If you don’t have a mattress, or the one you have fits poorly, you can measure the interior of your cab’s sleeper space. You’ll need to measure the length, from one end to the other, and the width from the wall to the end of the platform. Also consider the height of your berth. A standard truck mattress is usually between 6 and 9 inches thick, and that’s the range we use at Estee Bedding, too. Make sure you’ll be comfortable with the mattress height, as it fits into your sleeper cab area.
  4. Ask Your Truck Manufacturer
    If all else fails, contact the company that made your semi truck to get specs for your sleeping area and ideal mattress size. Use the links below to get an email address or phone number.
    International Trucks
    Peterbilt Motor Company
    Mack Trucks
    Western Star Trucks
    Kenworth Truck Company
    Volvo Trucks
  5. Take Note of Standard Sizes
    Following are the 7 most common sizes for truck mattresses:
    32×80 34×80 36×75 36×79 38×80 42×80 42×85

    Chances are, your berth size was made to hold one of the sizes above. Once you’ve determined what size is right for you, you’ll be ready to choose a model based on other features–including firmness, cushioning, and price.

Be sure to check out the Made to Ride® line at Estee Bedding when you begin shopping for a new truck sleeper cab mattress. You won’t find better quality or value anywhere else!