Our October Made to Ride Hero is James Rogers

Our October Made to Ride Hero James Rogers is another warrior of the pandemic. He and his small company out of Missouri immediately began hauling emergency relief supplies all over the country when the lockdown began. They were hauling goods from Illinois to Salt Lake City and Seattle, and a few places in between. Rest stops and restaurants were closing but these drivers got creative. They stockpiled food and even invested in camping toilets! When one of his drivers contracted the virus, James drove to Wyoming to pick up his load and deliver it himself.

James reported to us that he spent 6 months away from home during the roughest time of the pandemic. He is a disabled veteran who was injured in Afghanistan during his 11 years of service. After having a few difficulties adjusting to civilian life again, Rogers was inspired to start his own trucking company which he owns and operates to this day.

Keep up the amazing work James and enjoy your new Dreamliner Mattress!

Source: https://www.ttnews.com/articles/james-rogers-spartan-direct