Our August Made to Ride Hero is Gerald Johnson

Our August Made to Ride Hero is Gerald Johnson, known as Trucker G on Facebook. We were looking through trucking news when we came across an article, “Trucker Takes Dying Former Truck Driver and Military Veteran on His Final Ride”. The veteran, Jim, is dying of cancer and just wanted one last ride in a truck. His wife Connie decided to reach out to the trucking Facebook community to see if someone could drive him. Trucker G and his wife saw the post and jumped to fulfill Jim’s wish. He managed to get a route that would take him to Nebraska where Jim lives. When everything was confirmed, Trucker G was on his way. He filmed their journey on his Facebook page which you can watch here. In the video, Connie speaks for Jim who can’t be heard on video saying, “He’s really happy that you came by”. We thought this act of kindness deserved our August Made To Ride Heroes title, and shipped Trucker G our top of the line Dreamliner truck mattress. God Bless Jim, Gerald, and their wives.