Made to Ride Dreamliner Mattress

The Dreamliner is the plushest, most supportive semi truck mattress in the Made to Ride® series from Estee Bedding. Here’s why it is a dream to sleep on:

  • Starting at $331.00, the premium Dreamliner is an incredible value! (MSRP $509)

  • The Dreamliner’s 4-layer construction molds to your body, flexes with you, and provides years of support.

  • Cooling memory foam helps regulate your temperature in warm weather, but doesn’t get stiff in cold environments.

  • Patented micro coils add stability and flexibility.

  • Middle and bottom layers of foam below provide contouring support, a solid foundation, and protection against bottoming out.

  • Non-skid bottom for safety and micro-perforated quilted cover for cooling comfort.

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5 stars

We have two drivers trying this product and I have heard they are awesome . . . Overall this is an amazing product!

Bobbi Williams

5 stars

Not too warm or too stiff. I would recommend it!

Ernest Taylor

5 stars

Highly recommend the Made to Ride® Dreamliner. It has just the right balance of support and comfort for a big guy like me.

J.P. Powell

The Dreamliner Difference

Made to Ride laundry bag


Compared to other brands, the Dreamliner is the most affordable mattress of its kind! Plus, every order ships FREE and includes a FREE laundry bag.

Made to Ride mattress foam layers

Quality Materials

We use high-performance foams, microcoils, and fabrics in the Dreamliner to make the most comfortable, supportive, and safe truck mattress you can buy.

Estee Bedding workers


The Made to Ride® Dreamliner is built in our Chicago warehouse using union labor and the highest standards.

estee bedding 100 nights guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to love your new mattress. So sleep on it. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you can return it within 100 days for a refund.

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How We Build Better Sleep

Take a look inside our Made to Ride® Dreamliner semi-truck mattress to see what makes it so special.

Supported Air Technology Memory Foam

Our advanced hybrid memory foam self adjusts to your body’s contours. Billions of microscopic air capsules provide support while reducing pressure on critical areas of the body. This state-of-the-art memory foam is comfortable to sleep on at virtually any temperature!

Unlike conventional memory foams that stiffen as the environment cools, this hybrid foam retains its cushioning characteristics–even in freezing temperatures! In warm weather, the hybrid foam will help cool the body. It’s perfect for a truck cab environment, where temperatures may vary greatly.

This super plush foam offers an incredible combination of durability and pressure relief, evenly distributing your weight and offering support along the curves. Available on the Long Haul and Dreamliner Made to Ride models.

Cushioning Pocket Coils

Extremely soft micro coils with four-way stretch complement our top layer by providing additional cushioning, ventilation, and flexibility. Available on our Dreamliner Made to Ride mattress.

Elastic Foam Mid Layer

Our unique middle layer offers dynamic support and contouring comfort. The consistent density in this layer provides uniform support to compliment the top layer of plush hybrid memory foam. This smooth middle foam layer has a unique cell structure that bounces back to its original shape every time. It provides buoyant, responsive comfort with excellent pressure point relief. Available on the Long Haul and Dreamliner Made to Ride models.

Supportive High-Density Base Layer

You need to feel supported when you’re sleeping on the road. A thick layer of high density foam gives you that stability and absorbs shock, helping you sleep better. It’s this ultra supportive base layer that keeps our mattresses from bottoming out.

Made to Ride mattress foam layers

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