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Truck Mattress

Estee Bedding truck mattresses are durable, affordable and easy to get in and out of a cab. All Estee Bedding truck mattresses meet Federal Motor Vehicle Standards and can be manufactured to meet any additional specifications necessary to ensure a restful sleep by ensuring optimal support and maximum comfort regardless of your size or body type. Sleep well so you can drive far. Estee Bedding has spent over 40 years understanding and focusing its efforts on truly how much value a trucker sees in a good night’s rest.

Ergo Rest Truck Mattress
Ergo Rest Truck Mattress
Prices Start at: $199.00

Green With Envy Truck Mattress
Green With Envy Truck Mattress
Prices Start at: $143.00

Savvy Choice Truck Mattress
Savvy Choice Truck Mattress
Prices Start at: $129.00

Ergo Rest Truck Mattress

The Ergo Rest is our luxury truck mattress, featuring individually wrapped coils to adjust to your every movement, cradling your spine and other pressure sensitive areas of your body for the ultimate sleep alignment. The Ergo Rest mattress uses the best of the pocket coil technology available today with a laminated heavy density foam base for added support and surrounded on all sides by dense foam rails to provide stability along the edges of your mattress. We top off the mattress with a silky smooth attractive damask cover quilted to our premium hybrid foam. The end result is an affordable premium mattress with a comforting sleep surface and a firm base to prevent bottoming out and back support.

Green With Envy Truck Mattress

The Green With Envy mattress is recyclable and environmentally friendly, a purely natural symbiosis. Inspired by what nature has to offer, our bamboo mattress fabrics were developed as a natural and sustainable option to typical mattress fabrics. As a fully biodegradable raw material, bamboo is also extremely durable. Even the cultivation is eco-friendly as no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are needed. The bamboo fabric is quilted to an abundant layer of our premium hybrid foam. The core material is a recyclable product made of a proprietary blend of polyester fibers that create a unique fiber structure that is exceptionally resilient—and far superior to any other fiber material on the market. These fibers are 100% recyclable and made in an environmentally clean and responsible manufacturing process.

Savvy Choice Truck Mattress

The Savvy Choice is our budget mattress that will meet all your needs. This dual sleep surface mattress is designed with a rich silky polyester blend damask cover quilted to an abundant layer of premium hybrid foam. The core material is ultra dense polyurethane foam that is comfortable yet provides great support.

Mattresses Ship Within 5-7 Business Days

All Estee Bedding products are custom-made and will ship within 5-7 business days once payment has been received. Once a product has been shipped it typically takes 2-5 business days for it to reach your destination, depending on the distance and timing. All mattresses except the Dormitory line will ship to you vacuum sealed and rolled up. This packaging process allows you to save up to 71% on the cost to ship your mattress.

Once you add a product to your shopping cart you can calculate shipping cost before proceeding to checkout.

TRUERG28787 Truck Mattress Ergo Rest 28x78x7 Price: $199.00
TRUERG32807 Truck Mattress Ergo Rest 32x80x7 Price: $203.00
TRUERG36807 Truck Mattress Ergo Rest 36x80x7 Price: $216.00
TRUERG38757 Truck Mattress Ergo Rest 38x75x7 Price: $214.00
TRUERG38807 Truck Mattress Ergo Rest 38x80x7 Price: $218.00
TRUERG42777 Truck Mattress Ergo Rest 42x77x7 Price: $235.00
TRUERG42807 Truck Mattress Ergo Rest 42x80x7 Price: $239.00
TRUGRE28787 Truck Mattress Green With Envy 28x78x7 Price: $143.00
TRUGRE32807 Truck Mattress Green With Envy 32x80x7 Price: $166.00
TRUGRE36807 Truck Mattress Green With Envy 36x80x7 Price: $202.00
TRUGRE38757 Truck Mattress Green With Envy 38x75x7 Price: $191.00
TRUGRE38807 Truck Mattress Green With Envy 38x80x7 Price: $207.00
TRUGRE42777 Truck Mattress Green With Envy 42x77x7 Price: $223.00
TRUGRE42807 Truck Mattress Green With Envy 42x80x7 Price: $226.00
TRUSAV28787 Truck Mattress Savvy Choice 28x78x7 Price: $129.00
TRUSAV32807 Truck Mattress Savvy Choice 32x80x7 Price: $144.00
TRUSAV36807 Truck Mattress Savvy Choice 36x80x7 Price: $150.00
TRUSAV38757 Truck Mattress Savvy Choice 38x75x7 Price: $159.00
TRUSAV38807 Truck Mattress Savvy Choice 38x80x7 Price: $168.00
TRUSAV42777 Truck Mattress Savvy Choice 42x77x7 Price: $173.00
TRUSAV42807 Truck Mattress Savvy Choice 42x80x7 Price: $177.00

These mattresses are intended for use in heavy duty over the road trucks and as such meet Federal Flammability Standards for trucks (FMVSS302). The mattresses have not been tested to comply with Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633 and are not intended for use out outside of a truck application.

All our truck mattresses are proudly manufactured at our ISO/TS 16949 certified plant in the U.S.A. by union employees.